Ideas for the grill

In one of the kitchen cabinets you will find our contact grill at the top.

Also an extension cord for outdoor use!

Delicious for breakfast or lunch

  • Bake a sandwich or panini or make a filled wrap. Close the top, wait a moment and enjoy.
  • Baked-off rolls also work well. Then place the top plate slightly above it.
  • Or fry a hamburger on the grill plate. On a delicious fresh roll with lettuce, tomato and onion. Yum.
  • Or make a satay!


Open fire is not allowed on the boat. That’s why this alternative for outside!

Place the grill outside on the table and open both plates. Great for grilling meat, chicken or fish. Baking skewers is very easy. Baking vegetables is also great! A nice alternative to the barbecue! Tip: Buy rösti rounds with it!

Very easy to clean afterwards with kitchen paper.