Enjoy ideas

Welcome to lovely Giethoorn. Take a walk, rent a bike or boat and explore the small village.

Below some examples to discover.

Rent a boat?

When you are visiting Giethoorn you can easily sail yourself with a ‘whisper boat’ driven by electric motor. 
Book a boat at the same time as you book the bed-on-a-boat!

Or something else?

In Giethoorn and its beautiful surroundings there are countless possibilities to transport yourself by water, road and paths. By bike, in a tour boat, by canoe or scooter. Numerous packages are also offered. 

Take a look here!

All information about Giethoorn


All information about the small village with no roads, you can find here.

Wich events take place in the lovely village.

Lovely ideas to eat

Dining in a restaurant or having food delivered to enjoy on board.

We have already made a delicious selection.

Enjoy your meal!

Nice places to go

Giethoorn is wonderful for a walk or boattrip.

These are our tips that are worth a visit.


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